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Instructional design occurs at many different levels in the process. It begins with the curriculum, courses, and lessons and progresses to the development of the content and its presentation, but most important, it begins with the outcomes. What does the learner need to learn?
Using the Successive Approximation Model/Agile iterative development process, AID will define what outcomes are imperative, the resources required to support the learning, and the right medium and modality to deliver the learning. From defining the level of the learning content, to the design of the learning interface we will design and prototype quickly scenario based lessons that engage learners in thoughtful, context driven simulations that teach, and test with engaging interactions.


Using industry standard software tools, AID will create your eLearning courses that are SCORM or XAPI conformant so that you can use them on your learning management system (LMS). Using industry standard development software such as Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline or Storyline 2, Allen Interactions ZebraZapps gives you the ability to port your eLearning course or modules to different LMS's should the need arise. If you have in-house developers you can easily maintain your courses should you choose to. If you don't have an in-house team but plan to organize one, we can teach your staff to design and develop eLearning using these tools.
If your learning needs require a sophisticated development environment (e.g. Virtual Reality, Augments Reality, device specific interactive learning) AID can determine an appropriate solution and delivery platform then work to design and develop accordingly. We are happy to take on any part of the design and development process, as little or as much as you choose. It is up to you. We are ready to assist and support you at any level.


Advanced Instructional Design’s educational consulting focuses on training your workforce for increased productivity. We use proven instructional design methodologies and technologies to determine the right mix of training and products for your organization. Working with your staff and subject matter experts AID can analysis or create your eLearning curriculum that augments, supports or replaces your instructor lead learning. We will consider all aspects of the eLearning product from content and interactivity, cost and time to deliver, levels of importance of content and the user experience to create meaningful, memorable, and measurable evidence based learning events.


Don't have an LMS, no problem! We can help you find, implement, and integrate an LMS solution that is right for your organization. Choosing the best LMS solution can be a daunting task. There are hundreds of LMS's on the market from hosted, cloud, and proprietary to open source each with its pros and cons. AID has guided many organizatoins through this process, defining your organizations online and classroom learning requirements, how this will integrate into your learning solution, and then selecting an LMS that will meet those requirements. Cost and functionality will be examined to keep your solution within budget, but not constraining your ability to grow.


Contact us today to find out how AID can increase your employee productivity, improve learning and employee satisfaction, solve learning technology issues, and teach your training staff the latest in education project planning, project management and adult learning. Soup to nuts, just the soup or just the nuts, we love this stuff and would love to work with your organization regardless of the size. Soup to nuts, just the soup or just the nuts.